Academic Articles

      My research and teaching interests range from South African literature and cultural politics to Shakespeare studies; finding space somewhere in between these two are nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and American literature, postcolonial writing, postmodernism, texts-in-translation and theatre studies.


      I'm the editor of the journal Shakespeare in Southern Africa and act as editorial consultant for various publications.


    The articles and essays below have appeared in scholarly journals or as chapters in books. Click on the titles for abstracts (short descriptions). For full-text versions, consult the relevant publication - many academic journals are available by subscription only, or through university libraries, but there are a number that are freely available online.

Multilingual Shakespeare: A South African Reflects on Translation and Performance in Germany

2017. In Marais and Feinauer (eds), Translation Studies beyond the Postcolony (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), pp.94-129.

Imraan Coovadia: The Essay and/as Transformation

2016. Current Writing 28(1): 73-87. DOI: 10.1080/1013929X.2016.1170506

"After Titus": Towards a Survey of Shakespeare on the Post-apartheid Stage

2015. In Homann and Maufort (eds), New Territories: Theatre, Drama, and Performance in Post-apartheid South Africa (Peter Lang), pp.75-103.

Apocalypse Whenever: Catastrophe, Privilege and Indifference (or, Whiteness and the End Times)

2015. English Studies in Africa 58(1): 56-67. DOI: 10.1080/00138398.2015.1045161

"Educating Prospero: Misappropriating the Author(ity) of Books in The Tempest"

2009. Southern African Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies 19: 41-58.

"'God Delay Our Rebellion!': Sexuality and Theology in All’s Well and Measure for Measure"

2007. Southern African Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies 17: 77-96.

“Lawrence, Leavis and Butler: Appropriation, Influence, Association and ‘Redemption' "

2007. In Phelps and Bell (eds), D.H. Lawrence Around the World: South African Perspectives (Echoing Green Press), pp.267-292.